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"Mustang" boats series

The "Mustang" boats series is universal.

The increased diameter of compartments, the maximal stability of the "Mustang" boats provide reliability and safety for sailing even in storm.

The boats of this series have high carrying and passenger capacity. They consist of four hermetic compartments, have inflatable keel.

The boats are supplied with "r.d."-bottom, and have two bags in the delivery package: one for the boat and one for the bottom elements.

The material "Unisol boat" of 1100  gram/м2 density is used in manufacturing the boats of the "Mustang" series

The boats of the series are produced in the following colors:

Grey Green Blue Red Combined

Фото моторной лодки серии "Mustang", вид 1, щелкнуть мышью для просмотра в увеличенном масштабе
Фото моторной лодки серии "Mustang", вид 2, щелкнуть мышью для просмотра в увеличенном масштабе

Bottom type
L x W,
мм x мм
Side diameter, мм
The quantity of hermetic compartments
Weight, kilogram
Maximal carrying capacity,
Passenger capacity,
Motor power, horsepower
Mustang-365Z r.d. + k.* 365 x 181 45,5 4 + 1** 71 650 4 10 - 25
Mustang-395Z r.d. + k. 395 x 181 45,5 4 + 1 77 750 5 10 - 25
Mustang-425Z r.d. + k. 425 x 195 45,5 4 + 1 83 850 6 10 - 30
* - "r.d."-bottom, one of boat bottom types, plus the keel
** - the inflatable keel is considered as additional compartment

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