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Boats "Мichigan"

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The company "Michigan" is authorized manufacturer (licence SSP 22-3-248-06, Ukraine) of exclusive inflatable boats for fishing, hunting and recreation; inflatable amusement attractions for active recreation on water; other inflatable hermetic goods.

We offer boats of several series, "Drive", "OverDrive", "Mustang", "Energy", which meet the strongest requirements thanks to their performance characteristics. The main advantage of our boats is based on high quality, reliability and obtainable price.

Series of boats

According to the needs of our customers, the company "Michigan" produces inflatable boats of several series:

"Drive": rowing inflatable boats for 2 passengers (dinghy). The series includes modifications: "Drive", "Drive M", "Super Drive".

"OverDrive": light-weight inflatable motorboats, upto 4 passengers.

"Energy": high-speed inflatable motorboats, upto 6 passengers.

"Mustang": inflatable motorboats with increased stability and carrying capacity.

"Rainbow": boats with rigid fiberglass bottom (Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB)), the best choice for water-skiing, wakeboarding, diving, towing water amusement attractions.

Technology and materials

The technological process of the company "Мichigan” is oriented to the production of rawing, light motorized, motorized inflatable boats, having different types of the bottom ("flexible floor decking" or "rigid floor decking", both made of water-resistant plywood) and inflatable keel.

A set of techological tricks and solutions was invented in the company to get the highest level of quality in processing the material and making glued connections.

During manufacturing, each boat is paid special attention by our specialists, true professionals in their field, who perform their job thoroughly and sincerely.

The material "Unisol boat" of different densities (950 gram/м2 and 1100 gram/м2) is used in boats production. It's a special, strengthened material for inflatable boats manufacturing. The material consists of 5 layers, with polyester layer in the basis.

The material is resistant to sun rays, salt water, has wide range of temperatures (from -20°С to +50°С). It's delivered in different colors.

Breaking strength of the material "Unisol boat", elasticity (obtained in the manufacturing process with special plasticizing additives) makes possible to produce boats of different construction, design and capacity.

Types of boats bottom

The boats "Michigan" may be supplied with enforced bottom. The bottom is mounted of water-resistant plywood planks, it's used two different methods of planks fixing: "flexible floor decking" and "rigid floor decking". The bottom of "flexible floor decking" is reffered to as "f.d."-bottom, and the bottom of "rigid floor decking" is reffered to as "r.d."-bottom.

The "f.d."-bottom is used in boats with passenger capacity of 2 - 4 persons (the series "Drive" ("Drive M", "Super Drive"), "OverDrive").

The "r.d."-bottom is used in boats with passenger capacity of 4 - 6 persons (the series "OverDrive", "Energy", "Mustang").

Also, the boats may be supplied with inflatable keel. As usual, those used with a motor (the series "OverDrive", "Energy", "Mustang").


The company "Michigan" is doing it's best to make use of its products the most comfortable: right after a boat has been produced, the customer, in the presence of the manufacturer's representative, may try out the boat's operational characteristics and perform additional tuning.

The set of delivery

As usual, the set of delivery includes the following elements:

  • Boat
  • Oars
  • Pump
  • Seats
  • Bag
  • Repair kit
  • Small boat certificate

Depending on model of the boat and customer's wishes, the set may include additional components.

Overall sizes of the delivery package allow to place it in the luggage rack of your car and provide comfortable transporting.

Warranty and warranty service

The company "Michigan" gives 5 years of warranty for durability of the material and glued connections.

The company considers any customer claim and if the claim is accepted to be a warranty case the company provides necessary warranty service.

Please use the information on the page "Contacts" to request warranty service or report operational problem.

Additional information and purchase

Please use the information on the page "Contacts" to get any additional information about the products of the company.

Please get acquainted with information on the page "Purchase" to make your order.

Executing the order may take about 2 weeks. For each particular case, the execution period can differ.